This section primarily deals with shopping. To get listed retailers (shops) will have to meet our access criteria. As this is a new venture our access policy is in a development stage and may change as we get feedback from subscribers and users. We need your feedback so that we can develop a classification system that benefits all disabled people.

Most supermarkets and department stores have good access, circulation and disabled toilets. Staff are usually very helpful when it comes to reaching goods you can not. When it comes to smaller shops it is very unusual to find one with a disabled toilet, nevertheless, if they are accessible, have good circulation and the staff is/are helpful then they will get listed. One of our aims is to highlight those who go the extra mile to cater for their disabled customers. This can include a sound loop for the hard of hearing and colour contrast for the visually impaired. The provision of a seat for those with restricted walking and standing issues will also be recognised.

Initially, we are going to list by town starting with the larger shops and working down. Many disabled people prefer to shop early to avoid congestion so we will provide opening times where ever possible.